Summer Reading Links

Oceans of Possibilities!

We know not all of our families use Facebook – or you might have missed a post! We’ll post many of our links here at the end of each session.

Session 1 (June 1-13) Coral Reefs

A quick 3 ½ minute video that explains what coral reef is & how it grows:

Article for kids:

Grow coral:

There is a Netflix documentary about the vanishing coral reefs – more than 500 hours of underwater footage was gathered by divers, with volunteers in 30 countries. See a trailer here:, or watch it on Netflix now!

Ocean wildlife fact sheets: Learn more about animals living in the ocean – We’ll explore many of them this summer, but there’s no way to learn about all of them!!!!

World Ocean Day: There are tons of activities and videos on this site!

One of the in-person activities had information about sea urchins – here’s more!

Drawing tutorial:

American Samoa : Post info

Last day facts & activities

Watercolor  coral:

Session 2: The Coastline (June 13-June 26)

Tues 6/14

Welcome to the coast! Many people find the beaches are their happy places! We’ll learn more about the diverse coastlines (and even some about the shorelines in Indiana & Michigan as well). This is a great introductory interactive resource for kids to explore:

Thanks to this UK site, you can find some videos. Those with older students can find a wealth of information on this site as well from vocabulary to 3D models to make :

What happens at the beach when you’re not there?

What causes tide?

Older students may prefer this video:

Wednesday 6/15

Enjoy some coastal sounds:

From the UK, here are some fun beach activities:

Homeschool parents may find some great lessons & resources to use here:

Primary grades:

Secondary grades:

Thursday, 6/16

Find out about animals who make their homes on the coastlines:

This site has live Cams, videos, and animal stories from the San Diego zoo –

What the world’s ugliest fish?     The world’s largest crab? The biggest jellyfish? The fastest sea animals? Find out here!

UK coastal wildlife – it’s interesting to see variety from other places. This site has a lot to offer with a lot of videos, facts, stories, and exploration:

Hermit Crabs & lobsters from the shoreline in Maine – this site has videos & activities!

Do you know about aquaculture? There are farms in the ocean!!!!!

We can’t leave out crafts – Miss Barb loved these salt dough starfish!!!

These are fun to make with a stamp-pad. No pad? Miss Jennifer learned this trick several years ago – use a washable marker! Color your fingertip with it, then make your print before it dries! A baby wipe makes clean up easy (or an alcohol-based antibacterial wipe works even better!!!!) Ocean fingerprints :

Monday 6/20


The lighthouse story:

Where are lighthouses found? PS – there is one in Indiana!

Information on lighthouses for kids with games:

How to draw a lighthouse, how to build one in MINECRAFT

How do lighthouses work?

St. Augustine lighthouse lens:

Find out more about lighthouses in the Midwest:

There were several lighthouses in Indiana in the past:

Changing Coastlines, dunes, and seashells  

The changing coastline sometimes makes a huge problem for lighthouses – they can literally fall into the sea! Find our more here!

Many  people love to collect shells – but what are they (besides homes for some animals)? How are they formed?

Dr. Universe explains:,and%20bicarbonate%E2%80%94from%20their%20environment.

Older students may like to explore resources on this site:

How to sand dunes form?,collapses%20under%20its%20own%20weight.

The dangers of man-made dunes:

Coast guard

Did you know the U.S. Coast Guard has a huge job? Their role  is to “protect the people, environmentindustry and security of the United States on seas, lakes and rivers. To do this, the Coast Guard uses boatsshipshelicopters and airplanes to stop smuggling and other crime and terrorism, and to rescue ships and boats in danger.” Learn more from:

The U.S. Coast Guard has a wide variety of cool videos available here for kids based on their “Bring your child to our work day”. There’s a guided tour of a 45-foot response boat, flying a plane over Hawaii, landing a helicopter, an aircrew answering a distress call for a stranded boat, rescuing sea turtles and much more!!!!!

Just a few fun ones to share:

Coloring book with good facts to share!

For our last day on the coastlines, we are playing in the sand! Sand castles, that is!

Build an epic sand castle:

A video for kids:

A video with advanced sandcastle building techniques:

Learn about sand castle competitions here (There are clickable links)One is in Michigan!

Watch them take form from a PBS video:

Treasure Island, Florida:

If you have the itch to take part, there are a few in the Midwest – one in Michigan City, Indiana and the one in Port Huron, MI.

We have a few crafts and a fun SNACK to share as well. For preschool and early elementary, these sandcastle playdoh mats may provide some fun quiet time:

This is a fun indoor activity (and makes use of recycled toilet paper and cardboard!) Easy set up with toilet paper rolls – Sand castle engineering!

For learning colors, this is a fun craft/activity:

AND THE GRAND FINALE – a sandcastle ice cream snack – this sounds a LOT more fun than making gingerbread houses!!!!!