More Summer Reading Links! Session 3 (Pirates, Mermaids & Sea Legends) & Session 4 (Shark Week! More Ocean Animals)

We know not all of our families use Facebook – or you might have missed a post! We’ll post many of our links here at the end of each session.

Session 3 – Shipwrecks, sea legends, mermaids & pirates

Even though the ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, only 5% of the ocean’s Earth’s oceans have even been explored!!!! The ocean can be unpredictable and is full of mystery! We’ll explore shipwrecks first:

Mayday! 17 mysterious shipwrecks you can see on Google Earth:

An underwater “ghost fleet” of shipwrecks are on the move!

You tube video : 12 of the most amazing abandoned ships in the world:

Exploring famous shipwrecks:

Top 10 biggest shipwrecks of all times:

The number of shipwrecks in the ocean is estimated at 3 million! But only a tiny number have been found:

Learn how shipwrecks are found & protected in the US:

The state that has the MOST shipwrecks in the US? MICHIGAN! It is estimated to be at least  6,000, though some scientists believe there can be as many as 25,000!!!!!

This site includes maps of some of the Michigan shipwrecks:

Here is a list by state of SOME shipwrecks:

Explore this article to find out how shipwrecks are found & brought up (or decided to be left)

Friday –

Shipwrecks provide animals with a safe place to hide & coral can take over, making some shipwrecks into coral reefs! Divers love exploring shipwrecks, and some animals will stick with scuba divers as they explore – sea turtles are one!

Scientists have studied the Hawaiian Islands extensively due to the shipwrecks of Pearl Harbor – as time passes, there are some positive impacts on the environment:

The Titanic is probably the most widely known shipwreck – did you know it has become an artificial reef? Adults and older students may find this page fascinating for the information scientists have learned from the Titanic!

This site has some great videos for kids of animals that live in shipwrecks: – the direct link to the video:

Sand tigers sharks in North Carolina:

Shipwrecks – Florida Keys


Ship captains feared pirates! There is only one “certified” pirate shipwreck in the world (just off of Cape Cod). Read more here!

Learn about the pirate life:

Older students may enjoy learning about real pirate rules:

Pirate facts for kids:

Female pirates (for adults and older students)

Printable pirate game:



A history of mermaids:

Sea legends:

Sea Serpents for kids:

The Loch Ness Monster – first noted in 565 AD

Scientists think Loch Ness may be oversized eel:

Draw the Loch Ness:

Sea serpents:

Mariana Trench – 10 most unusual animals:


Session 4 (July 11-23) Shark Week! Other Ocean Animals


Ultimate baby shark videos:

For those looking for more in-depth information about shark species (we have some general information in your packet), this is a great resource! You can download without printing for kids to look back on:

Early readers might enjoy this printable. There are lots of shark facts, and some word tracing:!

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy outside and stay cool???? Check out these shark & ocean themed activities for outside play (they say they are toddler activities, but they look like they’d be fun for all ages, and a lot of water play!!!!)

Shark craft with some advanced techniques (and a roller)

Craft – Feed the shark sensory bag:

Want to learn more about sharks? Here are a few resources to get you started!

E-books, magazines, and more:

Older students may like these Libby offerings:


Shark week starts July 24th on Discovery & Discovery+. Catch all the action here:

Did you know there are more than 450 species of sharks in the ocean? We also learned sharks have been around for more than 420 MILLION years! They were here long before dinosaurs!

Another resource for different species:

If you plan to go all out for Shark Week on Discovery next week, here are some snacks to plan for:

More shark facts for kids:

This is a great resource to find out more about shark species! Click on each type to learn more!

Are movies your thing? Host a shark night with one of these – we have several at the library or read on for ones that are on Netflix:

Host a teen movie night with one of these:

Netflix fans? Try one of these:

Finding Dory is one ocean movie a lot of kids are familiar with! Find out more about the real animals they see in the movie:

Next week is our LAST WEEK of Summer Reading! We’ll cover a few more ocean animals, but today, we’ll post some hands-on learning activities about the ocean and a few crafts 😊

Hands-on water absorption experiment:

More hands-on science activities learning about the ocean:

Ocean themed STEM activities – this includes a PDF file you can use to click on each activity (or click on links throughout the site.) If your child is “into” STEM, this blogger has excellent resources all year round. She also has tons of LEGO-themed building activities. You can get added to her weekly e-mail list for new ideas each week. PS – she is the QUEEN of slime…. I’ve gotten my most successful slime recipes here!

Even more ocean exploration – this is a great site for hands-on and extension activities in general!

This site lists some ocean exploration activities for kids including apps (National Geo for kids), videos, and more:

Ocean slime –

Light up reef craft:

Final Week! We’ll learn more about jellyfish today! For those who attend Summer Reading: we would love to hear what you’ve learned on Wednesday or Thursday!

Tons of jellyfish facts:

We have a few more jellyfish sites (Moon jellyfish???) and some crafts:!

Jellyfish discovery bottle:

Light up jellyfish with battery operated tea light:

Want to learn more? There is a wide selection on Libby!

Wednesday – Sea turtles:

Older students may want to explore this resource on sea turtles – there are printables and learning

Learn about sea turtle migration:,Mexico%20to%20feed%20and%20mature.

Draw a sea turtle:

Want more to do? This has an entire sea turtle unit!

Libby has more for you as well:

Thursday ­­

Dolphins – Many of our kiddos have shared that dolphins are their favorite ocean animal! Let’s learn more about them! Some facts and videos are here:

Do you have a favorite species of dolphins? Learn more about them here! You can click on different dolphins to find out more:

This site has some videos as well as dolphin facts:

This site is another good resource to learn about different species – there are videos as well! Click on the type of dolphin.

Interested in dolphin training? These are a few videos!

Saturday– a few final ocean resources to share!

Whales: Eat like a whale:


Harbor seals

A great early reader:

A few final weird & unique ocean animals – Vampire squid:

If you hadn’t had enough of the ocean, we leave you with crafts and more!