Library Computer/ Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Revised November 2018

  1. The Roachdale-Franklin Twp. Public Library will provide access to the Internet for individual research, educational purposes, and personal enrichment.
  1. The Internet is a global, constantly changing network of computers, which is unregulated by any authority. Because of the internet’s nature, it is technically impossible for our library staff to monitor use or prevent access to locations, which may be objectionable to some patrons. Roachdale-Franklin Twp. Public library makes no guarantee that material available on the internet is current, accurate, inoffensive, or suited to the user’s requirements. The library is not liable for any damages sustained in connection with the use of the internet.
  1. In order to make the public use terminal available to as many patrons as possible, and to avoid overwhelming the router causing frequent resets, the following guidelines have been established:
  2.  Public access to the internet by any patron is limited to 2 hours daily, regardless of the number of patrons in the library.
  3.  During peak periods of usage, patrons may be limited to 30-minute sessions.
  4. Internet access may not be available during special programs.
  5. All users of the internet acknowledge and agree that the library may access files or other areas accessed by the user and the user cannot expect any privacy right to the internet.
  6.  If patrons choose to print, copies are 10 cents per page (black & white) or 50 cents per page (color).
  7.  The use of this access is, like all other library activities, privileges, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of those privileges. Patrons found ignoring the rules or abusing the system will be banned from the use of the library’s computers.  

Users May Not

  1. Access Icons or system files.
  2.  Access or print out pornographic material.
  3. Violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of other without permission.

The Roachdale-Franklin Twp. Public Library staff, director, and/or board of trustees do not and will not take the responsibility of acting in a parent’s absence. Patrons age 10 and under should be supervised by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian of any child assumes full responsibility for that child and any or all material he/she receives from the services provided.